Welcome To Yamato One

Who We Are ?


Yamato One is an Anime Merchandise Retailer located in Sri Lanka, with our store situated in 5th Floor , Jana Jaya City Mall,

Our mission is to offer the most extensive assortment of authentic anime merchandise in Sri Lanka, encompassing the newest releases as well as beloved classics. We are dedicated to evolving into the ultimate destination for anime enthusiasts in Sri Lanka and are committed to continuously enhancing your shopping experience.


In the late 90s, we recognized the scarcity of entertainment options in Sri Lanka. What began as a modest business idea eventually led us to establish the first dedicated anime and collectibles store in Sri Lankan history. Our story unfolds from there.

Around 2014, our initial concept was an "IDEA shop" featuring fun toys, board games, and more. However, as we delved into the world of Anime, our focus shifted entirely towards this captivating genre. Despite the people around us expressing Anime's limited popularity in Sri Lanka at the time, we were determined to introduce true Anime culture to the local scene.

Our journey started from our humble home, and a significant milestone was our debut appearance at Lanka Comic Con in 2016. Being the sole anime vendor at the event and surrounded by like minded Anime fans, we sold out on the first day solidifying our place in the anime community in Sri Lanka.

Yamato One has continued to grow and thrive, participating in various events until 2019. After a hiatus of nearly three and a half years due to the unfortunate pandemic we all experienced, we returned to Lanka Comic Con 2023, achieving great success.

We owe our success to our loyal and supportive customers who have played an integral role in shaping who we are today. As the first and only 100% authentic Japanese anime and collectible store in Sri Lanka, we hold great pride and commitment to our customers, and your satisfaction remains our top priority.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.


At Yamato One, we're not just about celebrating our past journey, but also eagerly looking ahead to the exciting possibilities of what the future holds. Here's a glimpse into what we have in store for our business:

  • Expanding Our Inventory: We aim to continue broadening our selection of anime merchandise, ensuring you have access to the latest releases, rare finds, and beloved


  • Enhancing the Shopping Experience: Your satisfaction remains our top priority. We're dedicated to improving your shopping experience, both in-store and online, by implementing user-friendly features, better customer support, smooth online checking out, and much more.
  • Community Engagement: We're committed to fostering a vibrant anime community in Sri Lanka. Look out for events, conventions, and meet-ups where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: Stay tuned for exclusive, limited-edition merchandise, custom 1/1 merch designed in house by our professional graphic designers and fun monthly raffles & prizes.

Join us on this exciting journey as we work towards a brighter and more anime-filled future. Your support has been our driving force, and together, we'll continue to spread positivity to the anime community in Sri Lanka.